• A Big Business Birthday!

    Hey friend – how are you, really?

    For me, the last few months have been INTENSE. The most intense since Re:Creative launched, if I’m being honest. Starting a business is one thing, but driving expansion and growth in the midst of a pandemic is a whole other ball game. Ouuuuf. There have been many meltdowns. There was even a week when I cried every day. The struggle has been REAL, so if this past season has been a heavy one for you, know that you aren’t alone.

    September marked Re:Creative’s 5-year anniversary – I almost let it slip by without a pause to appreciate how far we’ve come. I had to consciously give myself a minute sit with how huge that milestone is. HELLO, having a business for five years is a big freaking deal! (But, let me just say – I think I’ve learned more about running a business in these last few months than in my total five years combined).

    As I pause and reflect on the last five years, I wanted to round up some things I learned along the way, and a few I wished I knew from the beginning. Whether you’re a new business owner or perhaps a seasoned one, these reminders will help you check in and remember how far YOU’VE come, too. Here goes:

    • Be yourself, be authentic. Yes, authenticity is a buzzword right now, but the lesson that comes along with this is, you can be professional *AND* be yourself. Not only does this make you feel better in your business day-to-day, it also builds lasting relationships with your clients, attracts dream opportunities, and creates a life you love.

    • Listen to your gut — when something doesn’t feel right, it usually isn’t. Your intuition will never steer you wrong. Read this one again.

    • Get things in order when you start your business. Like, RIGHT AWAY, okay?! Business insurance, business license, business bank account, accounting software, client contracts. It can feel overwhelming (and kinda scary!) when you are starting a business to think about lawyers and accounting but trust me – you’re going to have to think about it eventually, and this will save you so much time and many headaches along the way. Your future accountant thanks you.

    Set boundaries with your clients and the types of jobs you take on. Be honest about what you need, set expectations, and stick to ’em – for your clients, and yourself.

    • Outsource the tasks you don’t enjoy. FOR REAL, friend. Did you start a biz to do a bunch of stuff you hate?! Yeah, me neither.

    • Preserve your work-life balance. This has been the hardest one for me. Hobbies, personal relationships, vacations, me time — these are essential in keeping you sane, happy and fulfilled. Lots to discuss here – stay tuned for a future post allll about this topic.

    • Create systems and processes for both the team and for yourself. Systems help ensure everything is running smoothly and efficiently. I created systems for the team but only realized recently that I need to implement systems for the tasks that I am responsible for, too! Also — continue to update your systems and add new ones as your business grows.

    • Don’t become complacent. Always be learning, invest in your education, seek new inspiration, and level up.

    Here’s the deal: Owning a business is hard. It can feel isolating at times. It can feel overwhelming and suffocating. It can be scary. It absolutely will be meltdowns in your car in the middle of the day. But it is also fulfilling, liberating and exciting. You take the good with the bad – and my goal is to help you recognize more of the good.

    From one business owner to another, you got this!

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  • 6 ways to increase your home’s good vibes

    Have you ever stopped to consider how your home actually makes you feel?

    Sights, sounds, scents, and sensations can have a drastic impact on our mood, and we *all* deserve a home that gives us the happiest of feels. Creating good energy in your home begins with the people living there (aka, you!) so don’t forget about prioritizing those self-care routines – I wrote a whole blog all about thaaat, right here. But, today, we’re talking about the things you can do outside of the Self to fill your space with the good vibes you crave:

    Rearranging: Hands up if you used to arrange and re-arrange your bedroom about 50 times every summer? Turns out, there’s actually something to it. Playing around with a room layout can instantly transform the space, without even purchasing a single new item. Often, we become complacent with our home set-up because it’s part of our comfortable, groundhog-day routine – but when by rearranging furniture and fixtures, you can completely level UP the vibe of your space, and release any feelings of stuckness.

    Plants, plants, more plaaaants: Do I even have to explain? Fresh plants in your home have been proven to boost our mood and reduce stress (I’ll take 20, thanks). Not only can they add to the aesthetic of a space, but they *actually* clean your space by absorbing toxins and produce oxygen. SCIENCE.

    Decluttering: Let. That. Sh*t. Go. It’s time to get rid of anything broken, damaged, or that no longer serves a use for you. Having an organized, clutter-free place to live has huuuuuge benefits to your mental well-being. Decluttering is proven to decrease stress and anxiety, improve your sleep AND boost creativity!

    Smudging: Okay, I know this may be a little woo-woo for some, but I’m a big believer in smudging to clear the energy. My go-to is Palo Santo, because I love the smell, but Sage is a traditional smudging tool and works wonders. Take your stick or bundle and light it (bonus points for using a candle flame to do so!). Once it begins to singe and smoke, let it burn for 30 seconds and then carefully blow it out, moving it around the space you are clearing as the smoke billows. Meditate on the energy you want to get rid of. Once you’ve finished cleansing your space, place the stick in a fireproof bowl and allow it to burn out. You can also do this with antique or previously-loved items before bringing them into your home to clear any past energy.

    Scent: I saved the best for last, because daaaaang. I LOVE me a good candle or a new blend for my diffuser. Smell has the ability to have a strong effect on the experience we have in our environment, creating positive associations and memories within a space. A good scent can instantly help us feel relaxed, and it can *totally* set the vibe of any room.

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  • No Portfolio? No Problem!


    So, you’re just starting out and things are slow, or perhaps the projects you’ve worked on so far just haven’t been the style you want to put out there. Either way, you’re feeling discouraged + not-super keen on sharing what you’ve worked on so far.

    I get it, because I’ve been there.

    Lucky for you, since I’ve already travelled this road, I found a solution along the way. I can safely promise that once you’ve put these strategies into action, your DMS and inbox will be filling with inquiries.

    Building your portfolio on Instagram is easier than you think – with my top tips, you don’t even need clients. Wait, what? Yep.

    Start Close to Home: Like, inside it, maybe. After all, your living space is the truest example of your style, AMIRIGHT?! Take photos of the areas of your home that best represent your sense of design. Include full room shots, mixed with detailed shots of cozy corners, nightstands, fireplace mantels, and anything sweet and stylish that makes your eyes linger.

    Cool Hunting: Sounds fun, no!? Snap pictures of your favourite coffee shops, that beautiful new restaurant, a cool hotel or airbnb you stayed in – keep design front of mind (as if you don’t already…) while you explore, and when you post about them, be sure to tag those businesses! Not only will this validate your design eye to your ideal audience, it will also help build a sense of community by supporting other businesses. Win, win!

    Audit Your Work: Only post photos that best showcase your style. You don’t have to post everything you’ve ever done if it isn’t the type of work you want to put out there. Be selective, and keep your ideal client (and their aesthetic!) in mind.

    Ready to take the next step? My Instagram Leads Roadmap will show you how to showcase your portfolio and get quality leads from people who already love you. Just click here to grab yours!

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