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  • Selecting the perfect white paint for your space

    Okay, let’s talk paint. Seemingly simple, selecting the perfect white paint for your space can often feel super overwhelming. I posted a photo on my IG stories last week with several different white paint options searching for the dream white for an exciting project we’ve been working on. I was FLOORED by the amount of DMs I received – y’all were dying to chat about my favourite white paint colour, and many of you were surprised there were so many variations of white. Let me tell ya, white paint is so much more than “white paint.”

    Story time: I come from four generations of painters — yup, this passion for transforming spaces is, apparently, genetic. My great grandfather was a painter back in Scotland, my grandfather started a painting company in the GTA when he came to Canada, my dad took over that company when he retired, and in recent years, my brother has been at the helm.

    While I always appreciate thoughtful use of colour, white paint is unparalleled when it comes to brightening up a space. When staging, it’s the only colour I’ll recommend to my clients for adding an instantly-fresh feel to their home. 

    But, listen – like I said, white paint isn’t just “white paint.” Every white has it’s own unique undertones that can totally impact the vibe of a room overall. Don’t believe me? Try laying out a bunch of different “white,” swatches and you’ll be shocked by the variations. Temperature (cool, warm) and undertones (blue, grey, pink, yellow…) will factor in to how the white will look on your wall, but it doesn’t end there – the space itself can play a major role. Take into account things like how much natural light the space gets, the views out the window, flooring, built-in fixtures, furnishings and artwork, all influence your white paint’s final form.

    There are so many amazing paint brands out there to choose from, but I’m partial to Benjamin Moore because the quality is great and it’s easy to access here in Toronto. My top white paints are what I would call a neutral white (meaning there are no obvious undertones) and read slightly on the warm side. Wanna see?

    Oxford White CC-30

    Simply White OC-17

    When it comes to trim, I tend to use the same white as the walls, but might switch up the sheen depending on the space.

    Yes, this is basically a love letter to white paint — it’s one of my absolute favourite colours to work with! Maybe because of the way it really allows the furnishings and decor to stand out, and works perfectly in a staging environment. Staging your home with white walls will allow the potential buyer to experience a bright space with a neutral feel — a clean slate they can envision themselves in, and won’t need to worry about painting over.

    Still feeling stumped about selecting the perfect white paint for your space? I’m always game to brainstorm a decor vision. Drop me a line!

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  • Home office tips

    In the current reality, many of us are working from home – and maybe you’re loving it, and maybe you’re not. Maybe you have a full room in your home dedicated to your office (score), maybe it’s a corner in your living room (also completely okay), perhaps is the space under your stairs (hello two-level condo living — been there!) OR maybe you share your home office with the laundry room (yeah, that’s my current situation).

    Whatever home office space you’re workin’ with, I’d say it’s high time you make sure that space feels SPECIAL. It’s *always* the right time to add some inspiration into your day-to-day.

    My home office was… in need of a makeover (and I’ll tell you alllll about it – read on!).

    To get inspired, I scoured heaps of photos from Re:Creative styling projects, featuring some very chic office set-ups (if I do say so, myself). It dawned on me that our team has developed a pretty simple formula for a home office revamp that works every time. Okaaaay, I’ll tell ya:

    • Hide clutter in cute boxes, jars, or baskets
    • Add plants (I’ve said this before, but they FOR REAL are proven to boost productivity, reduces stress and increase creativity!)
    • Incorporate a cute rug to help define the space (we love round rugs for smaller spaces, typically from 28” – 6’ in diameter)
    • Hang artwork that makes you happy
    • Brighten up the space with lighting (feel free to think outside the standard task-lamp – use what you’ve got, or find a table lamp or pendant that you love)

    Ok, REAL TALK. We moved into our home almost a year ago and this room had been an afterthought — can anyone else relate?! I’m pretty sure no home is ever truly *finished,* no matter how style savvy you are. Just sayin’.

    But, with the shift into working from home everyday, it became super important to me to give this space some love. The challenge? This 8 x 10 foot space needed to not only house my office, but also serve as our laundry room and our yoga/meditation space.

    We maximized the space by positioning a wall-to-wall desk along the window wall. The desk itself is a countertop we ordered from IKEA that we cut to size – highly recommend looking into this Pinterest hack! We set it on three cabinets that act as the both the legs and much-needed storage. On the opposite wall, we hung a white curtain to hide the laundry. The middle of the room is our “zen zone.”

    With a little reorganizing, that cute collection of shelves hung on either side of the window (external storage ft. things I love!), a new pendant light, this rug (totally warms up the place, no?!) – BAM! Office space set, and I am a happier, more motivated gal, surrounded by all this pretty.

    I’m hoping this inspires you to give your own home office a little lovin’ if it’ll add some joy to your day to day.

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  • 6 ways to increase your home’s good vibes

    Have you ever stopped to consider how your home actually makes you feel?

    Sights, sounds, scents, and sensations can have a drastic impact on our mood, and we *all* deserve a home that gives us the happiest of feels. Creating good energy in your home begins with the people living there (aka, you!) so don’t forget about prioritizing those self-care routines – I wrote a whole blog all about thaaat, right here. But, today, we’re talking about the things you can do outside of the Self to fill your space with the good vibes you crave:

    Rearranging: Hands up if you used to arrange and re-arrange your bedroom about 50 times every summer? Turns out, there’s actually something to it. Playing around with a room layout can instantly transform the space, without even purchasing a single new item. Often, we become complacent with our home set-up because it’s part of our comfortable, groundhog-day routine – but when by rearranging furniture and fixtures, you can completely level UP the vibe of your space, and release any feelings of stuckness.

    Plants, plants, more plaaaants: Do I even have to explain? Fresh plants in your home have been proven to boost our mood and reduce stress (I’ll take 20, thanks). Not only can they add to the aesthetic of a space, but they *actually* clean your space by absorbing toxins and produce oxygen. SCIENCE.

    Decluttering: Let. That. Sh*t. Go. It’s time to get rid of anything broken, damaged, or that no longer serves a use for you. Having an organized, clutter-free place to live has huuuuuge benefits to your mental well-being. Decluttering is proven to decrease stress and anxiety, improve your sleep AND boost creativity!

    Smudging: Okay, I know this may be a little woo-woo for some, but I’m a big believer in smudging to clear the energy. My go-to is Palo Santo, because I love the smell, but Sage is a traditional smudging tool and works wonders. Take your stick or bundle and light it (bonus points for using a candle flame to do so!). Once it begins to singe and smoke, let it burn for 30 seconds and then carefully blow it out, moving it around the space you are clearing as the smoke billows. Meditate on the energy you want to get rid of. Once you’ve finished cleansing your space, place the stick in a fireproof bowl and allow it to burn out. You can also do this with antique or previously-loved items before bringing them into your home to clear any past energy.

    Scent: I saved the best for last, because daaaaang. I LOVE me a good candle or a new blend for my diffuser. Smell has the ability to have a strong effect on the experience we have in our environment, creating positive associations and memories within a space. A good scent can instantly help us feel relaxed, and it can *totally* set the vibe of any room.

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  • Spring Style

    A few weeks ago, we were chatting your inbox off about allll things SPRING — remember those dreamy, airy vibes?! As the seasons change, my mind is always on freshening up our staging inventory. A new wave of inspiration hits and I am in full shopping mode.

    I don’t want to give away too much (pssst — follow along over on IG to get the sneak peeks of our latest projects!), but I’ve put together a couple of spring looks with some of our new inventory to give you a little inspo for your next home styling project:

    Look # 1: Colour Me Happy

    Our team was discussing some colour combos we were feeling for spring, and everyone was OBSESSED with the idea of green paired with terracotta and nude tones. Mix that in with black and white and it feels so dang FRESH.

    sofa (Structube), coffee table (EQ3), rug (CB2), chairs (Structube), artwork (CB2), end table (EQ3), pillow (H&M Home), pillow (EQ3)

    Look #2: Not So Boring Neutrals

    This space totally channels my own personal style. I LOVE me some yummy warm neutrals – gimme all the sandy, caramel, toasty tones! The trick here is to use a mix of textures, interesting shapes and just a touch of black to give it some edge.

    sofa (Structube), coffee table (CB2), rug (EQ3), chairs (Zara Home), artwork (CB2), end table (West Elm), pillow (H&M Home), pillow (CB2), pillow (H&M Home), vase (H&M Home)

    As stagers, it’s super important that everything we buy be interchangeable, regardless of seasonal trends. Our inventory needs longevity, and that means making chic decisions that stand the test of time AND hold up to different environments. When deciding on a pair of chairs, for example, we have to consider a multitude of spaces they might work in, allowing our work to remain consistent, but still adaptable in different styles of homes. SO while shopping for new inventory is all kinds of fun, it requires lots of strategy and planning.

    And this begs the question, are you all about the colour or are feeling those neutral vibes? Share in the comments below!

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