You aren’t naive, lazy, unsophisticated, or clueless.
You’re just a busy person who wants to sell their home fast AND for the highest price.
Selling a home is all about first impressions. And the secret to a good impression?
Is a good stylist.

Sure you’ve managed to fill your home with items you love and a style that reflects your taste.
But there’s just one problem. Your taste is not everyone’s taste. Your home needs to appeal to a very specific person. A person who wants to buy your house to make it their home.

That’s where I come in.

Whether you need some fluffing or the works, I use my creative eye to design a plan tailored specifically to your space. I bring in the accessories, furniture and cool details that will showcase your home to its full potential and will help attract the right buyer. I carefully curate and place each accessory just so, not unlike Jennifer Lawrence’s stylist on Oscar night. I will advise on what to declutter, what may need repairs and if necessary what walls to paint along with colour suggestions.


Ways to attract the right buyer:
◇ Balance out your space with the right furniture pieces to match the scale of each room.
◇ Create a lifestyle to make an emotional connection with buyers.
◇ Use accessories, colours, furniture and other decor items based on current trends to highlight your home’s best features.

I can help you:
◇ Look good without having to try (seriously, who wouldn’t want that?)
◇ Increase the value of one of your largest assets. It’s proven staging a home can average a return of 315% on the investment.
◇ Be proud of your home when it goes on the market.
◇ Ensure your property reaches its full potential and optimum selling price.


Kick off meeting where I’ll come in to see your space, take measurements, snap detailed pictures and make sure I completely understand the type of buyer we are targeting. After all, we want to make sure we are creating a space someone is going to fall in love with.

Design a plan tailored specifically for your space to highlight its features and to create a desired lifestyle to attract buyers so it’ll be love at first sight. You will also be given a detailed report on how to prepare your home for sale. This can include but is not limited to: paint colour suggestions, necessary repairs to make and what to declutter. And because you’re a busy person I would be happy to recommend someone I work with and trust to do it for you.

Execution of design plan that will make someone scream I love this because, first comes love, then comes marriage (the sale)!


Bottom Line:

I’ll come in and make your home look like it belongs on the pages of Elle Decor so it attracts the right buyer. Then you can get back to other things like drinking wine and that thing you call life.