Recent Project: Styling of Annex Home

So it turns out I couldn’t keep up my blogging promise. With house after condo after house of styling these past few months, I’ve been quite the busy gal and weekly blogging wasn’t something I was able to keep up.  BUT the next couple of weeks I’ll be sharing all of the places I’ve styled, so stay tuned!

First up is this gorgeous 2.5 story house in the Annex. Full of character and charm, it was a fun one to stage and style. Besides the raddest dining room table I’ve seen, the house was completely empty. Blank canvases are my favourite way to work!

I chose lighting fixtures that I used as my inspiration for the whole house. I went with an edgy vibe with lots of black and white along with a few pops of colour here and there. I love the contrast of edgy, modern style mixed with a traditional, older home.










Recent Project: Beach House Styling


Last week I had the pleasure of staging and styling one of the most stunning homes for realtor Jackie Herrington. Located in Toronto’s beaches and newly renovated by Brookebuilt, there is no detail left unfinished.

With 4+1 bedrooms and at approximately 3100 square feet, 32 Leuty Avenue was a big job and it was one I took much pride in.  After I finished fantasizing about the kitchen (seriously though – the baking and kitchen dancing I could do in that place…), it was time to get down to designing each room. Layouts, sourcing, shopping, rentals and then enlisting the help of my mom to help me bring it all together in just one day was a challenge, but I couldn’t be happier with the results.





An AGA Dual Fuel Stove has now been added to my wish list. I obviously need one in my life, right?



Shout-out to local designer KROFT for the most incredible white oak dining table! Drool worthy.

















And that’s a wrap on the beach house! It’s been quite the month full of amazing real estate styling so stay tuned for more posts and details. Also big news, I hired my first official team member. Welcome aboard Jasmine!

For the full listing details on this home, click here.

Travel: Summer Escapes

Sometimes life gets so hectic that you need to force yourself to take a little break. I’ve had a lot on my plate these last few weeks and being in a creative field I know how valuable it is to the projects I’m working off to shut off for a bit.

I love city living, but being in a condo on a main street there’s times I crave quietness and simplicity.  Getting away for a few days isn’t usually possible, but I’ve recently been introduced to a couple of hidden gems right outside of Toronto that are perfect for a  day escape.

South Pond Farms:
I was fortunate enough to be invited as a guest with some blogger friends to visit South Pond Farms a few weeks ago.  A flower workshop and then a farm to table lunch was pretty much my most perfect day ever. Located east of Toronto in Pontypool, ON, South Pond Farms is a magical oasis. With the help of her friends and family, owner Danielle French restored an old barn and now hosts workshops, events and a weekly supper club. With a vegetable garden, stone oven and chef on site, it truly is a culinary experience. The barn itself is stunning and the surrounding views are just what my belly and soul needed. I’ve been itching to go back ever since!


south-pond-farms-1 {image via The Blondielocks}



Terre Bleu:
Yesterday I had the pleasure of going to Terre Bleu Lavender Farm in Milton, Ontario. Who even knew such a place existed? We were treated to a delicious lunch thanks to the crew at Pine Sol surrounded by rows and rows of lavender.  Lavender is one scent I will never grow tired of. We were given a tour of the farm starting with the distillery where each day 200 pounds of fresh lavender is broken down to make 500 ML of pure essential oil. Next up were the bee hives where we learned about their lavender honey and the method it takes to create it.  We had to walk through an enchanted looking forest straight out of a Disney movie to get to our last stop on the tour.  On the other end of the forest was an oversized door smack in the middle of a lavender field;  very Alice in Wonderland-esque.  We were told to make a wish and walk through the door so that’s what we did. Perfect ending to the perfect day.

The farm is open for tours on the weekend and this coming weekend will be the last of the summer so I highly recommend a visit!







And sometimes you just need to jump on a plane and go somewhere special. Thanks to Melissa and my friends at Expedia, I will be heading to Halifax next weekend for a a little R&R.  We are staying at The Star of the Sea Bed and Breakfast which is right on the ocean. It’s an old converted church  and full of so much charm. I cannot wait to escape for a few days!

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 8.42.43 PM

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 8.41.12 PM

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 8.46.17 PM

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 8.42.15 PM

Getting away is also a mental escape for me and helps me fill re-energized and re-inspired. It’s when my best ideas appear and it’s how I become the best version of myself.

Where do you like to escape to?

Before & Afters: Bedrooms

After a couple quiet weeks, I’m happy to be back in the swing of things. It’s always nice to have some down time, but I’m definitely my best self when I’m busy and doing something I love.

My favourite part of my job is watching a space transform. Often the bones are there, but a few accessories are needed to pull everything together. Here are a few before & afters of bedrooms I’ve done over the last few months:











Current Obsession: Plants

Over the last few years I’ve developed a deeper and deeper obsession with plants. It started with my very first plant which was a housewarming gift from a friend when I moved into my own place at 25. It was a bonsai tree that I’m proud to say is still growing strong! Since then I’ve added a new one each year and I think this is the year I want to go big. I have the most perfect sunny corner in my condo that is screaming for a large plant to call home.

I think a lot of people are scared of owning a plant but I promise you it’s easy to keep it alive. I’m no plant expert I’ll admit, but in my experience the key has been to not overwater. A sunny spot along with a few spritz with a spray bottle a couple times a month and a cup of water once a month seem to do the trick.


Plants help give life to a space and an overall fresh feeling. My sister broke her plant virginity last month when I forced her to purchase a cactus and succulents while we were at the Columbia Road Flower Market in London. Her window sill in her flat was begging for a little touch of greenery!

Plants can help pull a room together, fill in empty space, add that special something to a vignette or give a room a little needed colour. Sometimes you use multiple plants….


Sometimes it finds a home in an empty corner…


Other times all is needed is a small cactus…d7f729834a8617e13869596e3d5e39a1-2

A plant bedside is always necessary…399ecfebde182e0cb18134c1c1fdc9df

And the mother of all cacti…


I love there is never a shortage of plant varieties and planter options. I rounded up some of my faves!