Welcome to our world of styling! Re: Creative is a Toronto based Property Styling Team with a goal to bring a modern look to the Toronto real estate market. Our aesthetic is eclectic and we love to mix vintage, modern and the unexpected. We approach each home with a fresh slate, designing each room to look like it belongs in a magazine and so no two spaces we do look the same. In an increasingly competitive market, we want your property to look it’s best.


Boss Lady, Foodie, Stylist

Renee’s fashion addiction started at a young age, and along the way has added vintage hunting fiend and styling expert to her repertoire. With her background in fashion and 9+ years of blogging, she brings a fresh, unique look to each project she works on. When she’s not hanging out with her main stud (her French Bulldog Harper), she surrounds herself with friends & family and is constantly finding inspiration in her travels and in this vibrant city she calls home. 

Fashion & Home Stylist

Jasmine is a true creative and has an eye for different perspectives: be it photography, miscellaneous media, art, and of course fashion.  A small town girl who has big goals in creating dynamic projects and improving people’s lives through the power of style. When she isn’t creating, she is traveling, taking photos and spending time with her family and her guy.

Dog About Town

Don’t let his cute face fool you, he calls most of the shots around here. In order to earn his keep, he takes on the odd job – he is quite the extrovert and loves the camera. When he isn’t working, he likes belly scratches, donuts and naps.