How to Style Your Shelves in 7 Steps

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I appreciate a well styled shelf like nobody’s business. Whether you have a free standing book shelf unit, built in shelving or a couple of wall shelves, your shelves can often be an extension of your personality.  This is your chance to showcase your treasured little knick knacks that you’ve picked up along the way which can really tell a story of who you are and where you’ve been. The trick? Displaying everything so it looks cohesive and is visually pleasing.

Styling a shelf can be difficult, but with a few tips and tricks you’ll have it down in no time. Here are 7 quick steps on how to style up those shelves of yours:

  1. Gather up all the items you have around your home that fit into at least one of these three categories: sentimental, function and beautiful.  These items may be books, baskets, artwork, framed photographs, mementos, trays, plants, sculptures, vases, etc.
  2. Before you begin placing anything on the shelves, group the objects by what they are, so books with books, vases with vases, plants with plants – you get the idea. You will find this step helpful when you get to the styling bit.
  3. Now the fun part – styling! Start by placing the larger items on the shelves (no artwork just yet). These are items that take up the most visual space, so be sure to spread them out so they aren’t bunched together. Generally these items are baskets, decorative boxes, large sculptures or vases and plants.
  4. Next grab your books. Books are the best styling prop! Stack some vertically, place some horizontally and face out a couple of pretty ones. If there’s a book with a colour that you aren’t digging, then place it in a stack and turn it around so that the spine isn’t showing (stylist trick).
  5. Now is the time to layer in the artwork. Tuck artwork in behind some of the objects you already placed on the shelves. You will find that some shelves don’t allow for artwork because of the height between shelves, but try to find something that will work and you will be so thankful you did. You can also use beautiful trays and baskets as you would artwork.
  6. Sprinkle in everything else to create a layered effect. Place some objects on top of a stack of books or decorative box.  You can give smaller objects more visual real estate by grouping them in bunches or placing a few on a tray. This helps avoid the shelves from looking too busy.
  7. Take a step back to check out your work. If there is something your eye immediately goes toward than consider moving  it to another spot or removing it all together. The overall look should be balanced, cohesive and should all work together as a whole.

Happy styling!

via Amber Interiors

via Amber Interiors

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via Amber Interiors

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