Two Thousand Seventeen

We’re a week and a half into 2017 and I already can’t believe how fast times flies. Keeping with the tradition of this blog, my first post of the year (although a little late) is when I set some goals for the year ahead.


2016 was a pretty shit year for a lot of people, but I’ll admit I didn’t quite feel that same way. Even though it was a year in which our world felt immense loss and disappointment, it was the year where…

I hired the first official team member for Re:Creative
Fell in love with an incredible man who is the kind of man I never thought could exist
My best friend got married
Started meditation and I look forward to learning how to take this further
Challenged myself more than I ever have professionally and it paid off
Travelled spontaneously for the first time
Learned that I’m a person who recharges best when I have “me” time which was a big discovery for me


In 2017…
I will work on booking in “me” time
Continue to grow my business and knock out more goals
Take up a weekly yoga class
Charge for the value of my work and not feel bad about it
Travel, travel, travel
Learn to be ok with not doing it all, all the time
Challenge myself creatively
Continue to be authentic


Wishing you the most fabulous and ass kicking (the good kind) year ahead! xo

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