Style Ideas: Holiday Decorating

You may have already decorated your pad for the holidays, but just in case you didn’t (or perhaps you wanted to change up a few things), I have some holiday decorating tips and inspiration below to get your home looking cute(r) and festive!

Keep a cohesive feel to your home by using your current home decor as the inspiration for your holiday pieces. Choose similar colours and a similar style so that everything works together. Your holiday decorating should feel like an extension of what you already have instead of something completely separate. Christine Dovey (first 2 images) always does this so damn well!



All white palette? No prob! Layer in greenery, textures and unexpected twists like two trees instead of one or fresh florals in your garland.a91q2854-copy


If your home has a minimal, Scandanavian vibe then you can’t go wrong with natural greenery along with touches of blacks and whites.minimal-scandinavian-christmas-tree-8


My white tree is filled with quirky and bright ornaments which fits in perfectly to my home’s decor. I’ll share with you soon!

Happy decorating!

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